Publications (selected):

The Red Flag from Auf Vilner Gasn (On Vilna Streets), by Abraham Karpinovitch, translation from Yiddish into English, published in To read this story, go to

Tall Tamare from Vilne Mayn Vilne (Vilna My Vilna) by Abraham Karpinovitch, translation from Yiddish into English.  To read this story, go to

Stories as Equipment for Living; Last Talks and Tales of Barbara Myerhoff, book reivew, Outlook, March/April 2008.

The Other Side of the Story Bridges: a Jewish Feminist Journal, autumn 2007.

A Taste of Yiddish Living Legacies, ed. by Liz Pearl, 2007.

The Moscow State Yiddish Theatre: Jewish Culture on the Soviet Stage book review, Outlook Nov/Dec. 2005.

An Evening of Yiddish Poetry Outlook, May-June 2003.

Chava Rosenfarb: Confessions of a Yiddish Writer, ibid, January – February 2003.

The Pekl Story pages 222-225, short story and commentary; Chosen Tales, Stories Told by Jewish Storytellers, ed. by Penninah Schram, Jason Aronson, New Jersey, 1995.

Reflections on Dirt documentary fiction. pages 110-111, Fireweed, Jewish Women’s Issue, April 1992.

Reason Enough short story, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, AM Radio, The Hornby Collection, February 1982.