The Beginning of the Poem
This compelling one woman play is a tribute to the power of literature, and its grace. Accompany the storyteller on her moving and humorous journey to discover the language and literature of her Yiddish speaking family. The ground breaking poetry of Yiddish writer Rokhl Korn is brought to life through the performer’s personal and family stories. 

A Woman’s Voice in Jewish Storytelling
This performance is a reconnection with the strong and joyful tradition of Eastern European Jewish women. Drawing on Yiddish folktales, English and Yiddish poetry, contemporary fiction, jokes, and memoir; Helen introduces us to courageous Jewish women. Rebels, jokesters, lesbian midwives, poets; they are all here, evocatively drawn. Helen finishes with inspiring stories of contemporary Jewish heroines.

Jewish Stories: Through Laughter and Tears
In this poignant, moving, and funny show, Helen shares the rich experience of Yiddish speaking Jews in Eastern European with a non Yiddish speaking audience. Through Yiddish folktales, poetry, and memoir Helen leads the audience thorugh laughter and tears to a deeper understanding of this rich culture. Target audience: children, youth, and adults.

Secret Melodies: Jewish Women's Stories
Helen Mintz weaves a tapestry of the stories of proud Jewish women-loving- women, past and present. Mintz shares traditional Yiddish folktales, poetry, the joyous story of a nineteenth century lesbian midwife in Kishinev, a memoir from Auschwitz, and a contemporary tale of an Israeli lesbian peace activist. These stories unveil the secrets of these courageous women.

Keeping the Promise
Based on extensive interviews with child survivors of the Holocaust who came to Canada as teens, this is the story of a girl’s heroic experience of loss, recovery, and triumph.

Healing of Our Broken World
Rooted in Jewish, Buddhist, and Christian wisdom; this performance speaks with eloquence and grace about opening the heart and forgiving.