Healing of Our Broken World

Rooted in Jewish, Buddhist, and Christian wisdom; this performance speaks with eloquence and grace about opening the heart and forgiving. The audience sees the power of restorative justice. Among the tales Helen shares are: a contemporary story about a healing meeting of Jews and Germans at Auschwitz; a tribute to Nelson Mandela’s commitment to forgiveness in forging a new South Africa; and an American father’s efforts to heal after the brutal murder of his gay son. These very different stories provide a heart warming and inspiring vision of justice and peace. In connecting these stories with her own life experience, Helen leads us to understand more deeply the link between individual healing and the healing of the planet.


“Mintz’s directness and simplicity are more honest than any flashy display would have been, and far more effective. That steady voice cradled the audience with an elemental story of hope so heartbreaking it could have left us wailing, but rocked us deeper instead.”

Ann Fleming, Georgia Straight, Vancouver Fringe Festival (Fringe Choice)

“I feel that there is not a more powerful way to deliver the timely message of reconciliation and forgiveness than a performance by Helen Mintz. She touches all the emotions and leaves the audience richer for having experienced her powerful stories and flawless delivery.”
Betty Lou Edwards, Board Member, John Howard Society Full Letter