Letters of Support

On behalf of the Burnaby Lake Book Club, friends, and colleagues, I arranged recently for Helen Mintz to perform at our local Community Center. Ms. Mintz chose the theme of “Reconciliation and Forgiveness”.

She presented a varied program of traditional stories, an adaptation of a court testimony and an excerpt from a speech by Nelson Mandela. The combination of traditional and modem worked extremely well to underline the universality of the theme.

Ms. Mintz is a consummate professional and extraordinary storyteller. Her choice of stories and presentation kept the audience spellbound. I have had feedback from many of the audience who all thoroughly enjoyed her thought-provoking stories. All comments were positive and extremely complimentary.

As a professional in the Criminal Justice field and Board Member of the Provincial John Howard Society, I will be recommending Ms. Mintz as a presenter at Training Workshops and Conferences for professionals and volunteers in the Justice field. The particular show that Helen Mintz wrote and presented to the Book Club would be ideal for the Canadian, Provincial and International Justice fields that have embraced Restorative Justice.

I feel that there is not a more powerful way to deliver the timely message of reconciliation and forgiveness than a performance by Helen Mintz. She touches all the emotions and leaves the audience richer for having experienced her powerful stories and flawless delivery.

I therefore would like to recommend her as a storyteller for your event and would be very pleased to answer any questions you might have. My phone number is 604-298-6198, or I may be reached at bledward@uniserve.com. Thank-you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,
Betty-Lou Edwards

University of Victoria,
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To Whom It May Concern:
I recently had the pleasure of producing a performance by storyteller Helen Mintz and musician Andre Thibault, co-sponsored by my department and two community organizations. The performance was sold out, partly as a result of Ms Mintz’s high-quality promotional materials, and partly as a result of the wide range of people interested in her work. We had people of all ages and genders, from many ethnic communities and walks of life, and of many political and spiritual persuasions.Entitled “The Healing of our Broken World,” the performance elaborated a continuity of progressive political activism and multi-faceted spiritual and musical traditions. Ms Mintz drew upon a diverse selection of stories, speeches, and poems from around the world as the basis for her performance, judiciously interspersed with personal narratives. The interplay of story and music was dramatically vivid and beautifully modulated.I had heard Helen was good, but I had no idea how good. Her performance was of the highest professional standard without feeling slick. Her material was both intensely moving and intellectually engaging. There was no facile sentimentality in her stories of struggles for peace and justice, and no sense of wallowing in misery. She articulated the need for hope and resilience to get us through troubled times strongly without ever becoming “preachy.” Her perfectly balanced performance was full of laughter.Ms Mintz was wonderful to work with. She was straightforward about her requirements, flexible about arrangements, and generous with her comments. When a glitch occurred in the sound system near the beginning of the performance, she gracefully turned the potential disaster into a closer connection with the audience. For weeks afterward, I kept hearing from people who raved about the show and thanked me for bringing Helen to Victoria. I would work with her and Andre again without any hesitation.

In sum, I offer my wholehearted recommendation for Helen Mintz’s performance to any community group or educational institution that wants to reach an audience of thinkers, feelers, and doers with a show that is accessible and entertaining while conveying its underlying seriousness. Please feel free to contact me for any further information.


Deborah Yaffe
Senior Instructor