The Vancouver Sun, Wednesday, Jan. 27, 1993 THEATRE

Vancouver Sun Helen Mintz is a Jewish writer, storyteller and teacher who tells stories of the lives of Eastern European women, and seeks to rebuild the cultural and historical links shattered by the Holocaust.
Her solo show, A Woman’s Voice in Jewish Storytelling, is a beautifully written tribute to human survival in general and to the strength of women in particular.

Mintz blends moments of humour with images of unity, empowerment and horror.
Her story of the Women in Black, groups of Israeli and Palestinian women whose protests of the Israeli occupation of the Left Bank prompt abuse and outrage from the men around them, is a remarkable glimpse of the power of conviction. A Bowl of Soup, a harrowing tale of a mother and daughter’s concentration camp experiences, is stunning in its directness and simplicity.

Mintz has a real talent for selecting, writing and pacing her stories.