Secret Melodies: Jewish Women’s Stories

Helen Mintz weaves a tapestry of the stories of proud Jewish women-loving-women, past and present. Mintz shares traditional Yiddish folktales, poetry, the joyous story of a nineteenth century Jewish lesbian in Kishinev,  a memoir from Auschwitz, and the story of a contemporary Israeli lesbian peace activist. These tales unveil the secrets of these courageous women.

“Helen Mintz spins a long magnificent tale within which is embedded golden nuggets that various women can claim for themselves. These brave women take centre stage through the vibrancy of Mintz’ performance.”

Wendy Putnam, Kinesis Magazine

“Mintz is compelling when she regales the listener with older, parable-like stories. She is moving when she recounts a story from Yaffa Eliach’s Hassidic Tales of the Holocaust and when she recounts brief, humorous anecdotes.”

David Lyman, Seattle Post-Intelligencer